Lending Rates

Account Type

Daily Periodic Rate (Open-End Plans)**


New & Program Auto
As Low As 3.490%
Refinanced Autos
As Low As 3.490%
Used Autos
As Low As 3.490%


As Low As 8.50%
Savings (Share) Secured
Salary Advance
New & Used Boats/RVs
As Low As 4.49%

Home Equity
As Low As 6.00%***
VISA Classic
VISA Platinum
0.00% Introductory Rate****
Line of Credit

**Late Charge on Open End Plans: If you are more than 20 days late in making a minimum payment, you will pay a late charge equal to 20% of the interest due on the date of the payment.
***Some restrictions apply. $100.00 application fee is required (refundable at loan closing). No transaction or activity fees will be imposed. Closing Costs of up to $400.00 may apply on properties located in Orleans Parish only. Annual Percentage Rate may vary, but will not exceed 18.00% APR. Daily Periodic Rate is 0.015068%. Loan amount is based on equity in home, as well as creditworthiness and income of borrower(s). Advertised rate is effective July 1, 2019 and subject to change on January 1 and July 1 of each calendar year. Please contact our office for additional information
****VISA Platinum Intro APR. After 12 months, APR increases to 9.50%. Subject to approval and creditworthiness. Other restrictions may apply. Please contact our office for additional information.