Additional Savings

Christmas Club

Save for holiday season expenses throughout the year.  On November 1st, your club savings will be deposited into your regular share savings to welcome in the holidays!

  • Open from November through February
  • Fund effortlessly with payroll deduction

Summer Savings Withheld Payroll Account

A great idea to save throughout the academic year so that you can have access to funds during the summer months. Our Summer Savings Plan is the perfect solution to keep your budget on track! 

  • Dividends accrued on daily basis
  • Dividends paid 1st day of each calendar quarter
  • Automatic renewal each year

Available for employees of:

  • University of New Orleans
  • New Beginnings Schools Foundation
  • Audubon Charter School
  • Ben Franklin High School

Here’s how it works:

Determine how much money you will need for the summer.  Consult a UNOFCU representative to select an amount from your paycheck each pay period to be deposited into your Withheld Payroll Account.

Complete a UNOFCU Withheld Payroll Deduction Application. The amount you request will automatically be deposited each pay period into your UNOFCU Withheld Payroll Account.

A portion of your UNOFCU Withheld Payroll Account will be transferred to your regular UNOFCU Savings Account over 6 (six) disbursements starting on the date specifically designated for your organizations savings plan.  

Withheld Payroll Deduction Application