Courtesy Pay


A service that is provided to Blue, Privateer, Silver* and Regular* Checking Accounts in good standing that have been open for at least 60 days. Members have the right to opt out of the service at any time. With Courtesy Pay, your check or electronic debit items may be covered by UNO Federal Credit Union up to a limit of $400.00. You will be charged the standard NSF fee of $27.00 per item. You will receive notification when an overdraft occurs on your account and you will be required to deposit adequate funds to bring your account to a positive balance within 30 days.

Categories of Transactions - The payment of checks, electronic funds transfers, or other withdrawal requests; B) Payments authorized by you; C) The return, unpaid, of items deposited by you; D) The imposition of credit union service charges; or E) The deposit of items which according to the credit union’s Funds Availability Policy, are treated as not yet "available" or finally paid.

Reasons for not paying item - Rather than automatically returning, unpaid, any nonsufficient funds items that you may have, if your eligible account has been open for at least sixty (60) days and thereafter you maintain your account in good standing, which includes at least: (A) Continuing to make deposits consistent with your past practices; (B) You are not in default on any loan obligation to UNO Federal Credit Union; (C) You bring your account to a positive balance (not overdrawn) at least once every thirty (30) days; and (D) Your account is not the subject of any legal or administrative order or levy.