Overdraft Protection


In, on any day, the available funds in your share or deposit account are not sufficient to pay the full amount of a check, draft, transaction, or other item posted to your account plus an applicable fee ("overdraft"), we may pay or return the overdraft. The Credit Union's determination of an insufficient available account balance may be made at any time between presentation and the Credit Union's midnight deadline with only one (1) review of the action required. We do not have to notify you if your account does not have sufficient available funds to pay an overdraft. Your account may be subject to a charge for each overdraft regardless of whether we pay or return the overdraft. For ATM and one-time debit transactions, you must consent to the Credit Union's overdraft protection plan in order for the transaction amount to be covered under the plan. Without your consent, the Credit Union may not authorize and pay an overdraft resulting from these types of transactions. Services and fees for overdrafts are shown in the document the Credit Union uses to capture the member's opt-in choice for overdraft protection and the Schedule of Fees and Charges.

Except as otherwise agreed in writing, if we exercise our right to use our discretion to pay an overdraft, we do not agree to pay overdrafts in the future and may discontinue covering overdrafts at any time without notice. If we pay an overdraft or impose a fee that overdraws your account, you agree to pay the overdrawn amount in accordance with your overdraft protection plan or, if you do not have such a plan with us, in accordance with our overdraft payment policy.